Street Photography Workshop

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Street Photography Workshop

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Author: Brian Lloyd Duckett


ISBN: 9781781454589

Date: 4th October, 2022


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Street Photography Workshop is a practical guide to creating captivating urban images. You may think that a big part of street photography is simply being in the right place at the right time, but great urban photography is more than just luck. The ability to observe, compose and capture fleeting moments takes skill and experience. In this comprehensive guide, acclaimed photographer and founder of Streetsnappers Brian Lloyd Duckett uncovers the closely guarded secrets of the successful street photographer, exploring the theories and approaches at the heart of this art form and translating them into practical tutorials and game-changing tips and advice. Aimed at intermediate to advanced level photographers, this informative, accessible book covers all aspects of this popular genre, from selecting the right approach, conquering your fears, and creating the ultimate street photographer's toolkit, to composition, legal and ethical considerations, and sharing your photographs with the world. If you're a keen observer and documenter of city life, this book will take your street photography know-how to the next level, improving your observation and intuition skills, teaching you how to 'read the streets', giving you the tools to develop your own personal style, and helping you to create meaningful street images. Practical guide to capturing compelling street scenes for intermediate to advanced level photographers Written by acclaimed street photographer and Streetsnappers founder Brian Lloyd Duckett Expert advice on approaches, equipment, techniques, developing a personal style and sharing your work

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