Floral Poetry in Normandy

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Floral Poetry in Normandy

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Author: Cédric Deshayes

Type: Hardback

ISBN: 9789058567147

Date: 8th April, 2024


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Floral Poetry in Normandy features awe-inspiring floral designs of Cédric Deshayes, Meilleur Ouvrier de France finalist and Vice Champion de France 2019 in floral art. With an emphasis on showcasing the rich history of his native region, Normandy, Deshayes has beautifully captured magnificent floral arrangements in various locations. More than 70 meticulously crafted floral designs, created using diverse techniques, are artfully presented across 35 picturesque sites scattered throughout the five departments of Normandy. In collaboration with his dedicated team and the skilled photographer Jean François Lange, Cédric embarked on an incredible journey spanning all four seasons, seeking out prestigious and historically significant sites for his floral displays. From the grandeur of Rouen Cathedral and the architectural marvels of Palais des Bénédictines to the majestic castles of Château de Tilly and Château de Carrouges, this stunning book captures the essence of Normandy's cultural heritage. It also showcases the natural beauty of iconic towns like Êtretat and Honfleur, as well as hidden gems like Cidrerie des Hauts Vents and Abbaye du Bec Hellouin. Not to mention, a breathtaking glimpse of the world-renowned Mont-Saint-Michel. This exceptional book captures the charm and history of Normandy and celebrates France's cultural heritage in a way that is nothing less than breathtaking.  Text in English and French.

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