Cicero's Law

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Cicero's Law

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Author: Paul J. du Plessis


ISBN: 9781474432535

Date: 28th February, 2018


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  2. Legal History
  3. Ancient
  4. Methods, Theory And Philosophy


This volume brings together an international team of scholars to debate Cicero's role in the narrative of Roman law in the late Republic - a role that has been minimised or overlooked in previous scholarship. This reflects current research that opens a larger and more complex debate about the nature of law and of the legal profession in the last century of the Roman Republic. Contributors: Benedikt Forschner Catherine Steel Christine Lehne-Gstreinthaler Jan Willem Tellegen Jennifer Hilder Jill Harries Matthijs Wibier Michael C. Alexander Olga Tellegen-Couperus Philip Thomas Saskia T. Roselaar Yasmina Benferhat

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