Antanas Sutkus - Street Life

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Antanas Sutkus - Street Life

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Author: Antanas Sutkus

Type: Hardback

ISBN: 9783958297623

Date: 26th January, 2023

Publisher: STEIDL

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In 1959, at just 20 years of age, Antanas Sutkus began photographing on the streets of Vilnius, then the capital of the Soviet Socialist Republic of Lithuania. Strolling through the town, his attitude was more that of a flaneur than of a photographer, observing and absorbing the essence of daily life as it was offered to him by his fellow citizens. At the time it was difficult to find safe surroundings in such a highly controlling and controlled society as Soviet-occupied Lithuania. But the streets offered open spaces, diverse passersby, bustling traffic and multiple layers of events. It was here that people tried to carve out and preserve niches for their little moments of joy. Establishing these tiny islands of individuality within such a strict and brutal system sets the frame for Sutkus' street photography and the contrasting realities of his loving observations of everyday life. I don't like tricks or paparazzi scoops, probably that's why all my best shots are taken on village and city streets, and their main characters are ordinary passersby. While photographing, making inner contact with another person has always been important to me. It seems to be only a momentary meeting, but it is so telling. I trust my intuition, I work totally spontaneously. - Antanas Sutkus

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