Zheng Bo - Wanwu I

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Zheng Bo - Wanwu I

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Author: Zheng Bo


ISBN: 9783753303857

Date: 15th March, 2023


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'Wanwu I' delves into Hong Kong-based artist Zheng Bo's ongoing cultivation of deep kinships with the living beings we humans share our Earth with, plants in particular.This publication explores the aesthetics, erotics, politics, and eco-sensibilities of plant life, but also the potentials of incorporating the inclusive, collaborative qualities of wanwu-which means "ten thousand things," "myriad happenings," or "more than human"-into both everyday life and art institutions.Includes interviews with Stephanie Rosenthal, Matthias Rillig, Phillip E. Bloom, Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stevens.Published on occasion of 'Zheng Bo: Wanwu Council ???', 21 Jun - 23 Aug 2021, Gropius Bau, Berlin, after a year of Zheng Bo being artist in residence at the museum.Zheng Bo was born in 1974 in Beijing. He lives and works on Lantau Island, Hong Kong.Co-published with the artist.Further information, taken from the Gropius Bau website:"We cannot continue living in the fantasy that humans own this planet. How can art institutions move towards a more-than-human future?" - Zheng BoInterview: '"How Do Plants Practice Politics?" - Zheng Bo answers 7 questions on the occasion of his exhibition "Wanwu Council ???"'

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