Zara's Big Messy Goodbye

Zara's Big Messy Goodbye

By Rebekah Borucki



After seven-year-old Zara experiences a death in her family, she learns that being sad can look different for different people. With her Mama's help, Zara also learns a way to find comfort when big messy goodbyes feel too big and messy. Written by mother-of-five and meditation guide Rebekah Borucki, Zara's Big Messy Goodbye teaches children how to recognize and accept their grief while also showing them how to accept the way others grieve. And though this story deals with the loss of a beloved family member, it is appropriate for teaching children about all kinds of loss, like a broken friendship or a separation caused by moving to a new home or school. Grief and trauma therapist Gina Moffa, LCSW, will also be your guide. You'll find a section for parents, teachers, and caregivers at the back of the book, which offers you several exercises to use to work through grief together. Get free gifts: You'll also get free access to downloadable colouring pages, an exclusive guided meditation for kids, and more! Just use the website link found inside the book to download your exclusive gifts. The "Big Messy" books teach little ones and their grownups how to manage their big messy emotions in safe, effective ways. In each instalment of the series, when main character seven-year-old Zara finds herself struggling, she receives a unique tool (a simple breathing exercise, poem, affirmation, etc.) from a trusted adult. Both Zara and the reader are left with a valuable resource to use on their own again and again.

ISBN: 9781736949702


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