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YPs: Volume 2 Jul/Aug

YPs: Volume 2 Jul/Aug



YP's is for young people, everywhere! Read a bit of the Bible every day, explore lots of stuff about you and God - cracking puzzles and playing quizzes along the way! In this issue... Dream on! - Follow the ups and downs of the extraordinary life of Joseph, and his journey from golden-boy, to slave, to servant, to prisoner, to prime minister - that's right! It's a family saga like no other, but we can promise you a happy ending. Straight-talking James - YP's takes a good look at the letter of James in the New Testament. He doesn't mince his words, but it's full of amazing advice on how we can live bold and brave lives for God. A friend at the top - Do you really need them - yes! And the most amazing friend that anyone can ever have is the Creator of the Universe! Find out how much God wants to be your friend, and how a friendship with Him is absolutely life-changing.

ISBN: 9781789514094


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