Your Brain Cells Sing When They Die

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Your Brain Cells Sing When They Die

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Author: Carina Hart


ISBN: 9781913606909

Date: 11th November, 2021


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YOUR BRAIN CELLS SING WHEN THEY DIE is a loving excoriation of the structures that shape our thoughts, desires and days. Its surreal satire begins in the office, taking in the language of bureaucracy and a collision of administrative forms with poetic forms: a lyric to lost love is recast as a meeting agenda, and a suicide note takes the form of a sonnet-memo hybrid. Just when personal desires have been turned into binary code, individual agency is set against the collective perspective of the beehive. As the bees try out banking and Instagram, people sink into the footprint path leading them round Ikea. This memorable debut is both spiky and tender, exposing the skeleton of the everyday with dark irony and ruthless precision. Poetry.

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