You Shall See the Beautiful Things

You Shall See the Beautiful Things

By Steve Amick



Envisioned as a "nocturne," Steve Amick's playful, multilayered novel expansively retells Eugene Field's famed verse "Wynken, Blynken, and Nod." In the fishing village of Scheveningen in 1889, three men build and secretly launch an unorthodox fishing vessel, departing from the long tradition of netting herring using massive boats and large crews. Collaborating in this venture are Wyn van Winkel, a cavalier joker and opium addict currently AWOL from the Aceh War in Sumatra; Ned Nodder, a seasoned fisherman trying to support his family while plagued by narcolepsy and prophetic dreams; and Luuk Blenkin, a scattered young troubadour failing at love and searching for his place in the world. As formally innovative as the "picarooner" this mismatched trio construct, the narrative lifts off into the fantastical, flitting between reality and irreality. Sparked by lines of the "Dutch lullaby," the inexplicable adventure unfolds-and along the way, we learn of Wyn's romantic recklessness, his broken relationship with his father, and the tragedies of war that scarred and changed him. We witness Ned's unconventional path toward matrimony, as well as the painful loss that made his marriage a true union. We follow Luuk's fumblings for purpose and fulfillment beyond the disgrace that befell his family and marred both his outlook and his prospects. In the spirit of a nocturne, Steve Amick envelops his characters in the world of night and dreams. Lyrical, historical, surprising, magical, heartwarming, and heartbreaking, You Shall See the Beautiful Things will make readers look at the stars-and herring-in a new light.

ISBN: 9781946724595


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