You Are Not Alone

You Are Not Alone

By Maryam Al Mansoori



The words of poems are the butterfly in the garden and the scent of flowers in orchards. It passes by us so it catches our eyes and our hearing rejoices. We smell from it the beauty and we see in it our and others' deep thoughts. Poetry is not distributed letters, nor flowery words, nor tones and harmonious scale. Poetry is a moments in our lives, the spirit harmonizes with ideas so it expresses that with words: ink on paper. Words that express our feelings and our thoughts and our lives. Yet it differs from others (normal words) because it stays, and it is embossed in the soul and in the ears and the hearing for a long time. The most beautiful meaning of poetry is like a pearl hidden in an oyster: no one can see it except those who tries to open it. In this book I reflect my journey in university and outside it through poetry categorized in mental health, feelings, and relationships. And I added a poet's manifesto to provide a context for my readers about my background and experience as a student at NYU Abu Dhabi regarding culture and language.

ISBN: 9789948802518


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