Wing Chun in-Depth

Wing Chun in-Depth

By Munawar Ali Karimy



A rare in-depth look at the history, teachings, and wider implications of Wing Chun Wing Chun In-Depth offers an historical overview of the art's development, it examines how to properly approach training for fighting skills that give you an edge in street defence and it presents Wing Chun's underlying principles and strategies as a way of life for health and happiness. This work traces the lives and legends of the great masters of Wing Chun, it reveals their training techniques and philosophies, and shows the reader how they can be applied in all aspects of life. Written in an enjoyable and readable way, Wing Chun In-Depth shares profound insights, training drills and martial techniques that will improve your fighting foundation; it connects you to the great masters of Wing Chun-their lives, their martial teachings, and their philosophies. In the end, it is intended to inspire and enrich readers with history, practical skills, and a winning mindset for all of life's challenges. Contents include Part 1: The Lineage The origins of Wing Chun from its legendary past. Its historical development and its present evolution from Ip Man and Wong, Shun-Leung. Insight into Bruce Lee's relationship with Wing Chun, Ip Man and Wong, Shun-Leung. Part 2: The System Forms, training drills, and techniques that can be used to develop oneself into a skilled fighter. Part 3: Up Close Master Class Training to fight without fighting Master Class Avoiding a stand off Master Class No technique as technique Part 4: Strategies for Life Explores the strategic and martial fruits of Wing Chun as a practice which provides both skills for combat and strategies for life. Startling truths that enrich life inside and outside the training hall (kwoon). Ip Man's senior student, Wong Shun-Leung was the man who made Wing Chun famous in Hong Kong's challenge matches. He was also a close friend and mentor to Bruce Lee. Sifu Loukas Kastrounis, one of the few active teachers of this lineage, is a highly respected Wing Chun teacher who has spent his life honing and developing Wing Chun. "Written at the request, and in collaboration with Sifu Loukas Kastrounis-a third generation master of the Wong Shun-Leung lineage, it is the fruit of over 5 years of my careful observations and research into Loukas's teachings as both his student and as a professional historian."-Munawar Ali Karim

ISBN: 9781594399275


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