Who Watches This Place

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Who Watches This Place

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Author: Amy Clarkin

Type: Paperback

ISBN: 9781788494588

Date: 22nd April, 2024


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  2. Teen & Young Adult Fiction
  3. Fiction 5 to 8 Years


Would you kill someone to survive?' he asked. 'It's not survival when you're already dead,' she replied. Paranormal Surveyance Ireland - PSI - are on the hunt for ghosts. When The Merrion Hub, a fancy new start-up, is gripped by strange and disturbing happenings, the owners ask Archer and his team to investigate. The gang are determined to prove to the world that ghosts are real, but tensions are running high: Eabha clashes with Raven over her new clairvoyancy gift, Fionn feels isolated by the team and Davis is frustrated by the journalist who's determined to expose them as frauds. None of that matters when there's a startling disappearance. Can PSI remember how to work together in time to save their friend from a horrific fate?

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