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What Is a Criminal?

What Is a Criminal?

By Katherine S. Gaudet



Videos from the "What Is a Criminal?" lecture series (the inspiration for the book) will remain freely available, and will be described in the book. These can be used by professors as supplemental multimedia content both for in-class and out-of-class assignments. The Editor has provided an instructors' introduction that suggests classroom uses for the individual essays and chapters. Some of the stories are told scholars, some by people working in the justice system, and some by people who were formally incarcerated. It is very rare to find these three groups participating in a common discussion about the core concept that brings them together. The book's narrative-based, multi-voiced form will not only help students think broadly and deeply about this important topic, but also interest them enough to share the stories with their families and friends, generating ideas and discussions that ripple well beyond the classroom.

ISBN: 9780367770273


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