Velvet Ribbon P/B

Velvet Ribbon P/B

By Nadine Dorries



The heart-breaking final novel in the Tarabeg trilogy, from million-copy bestseller Nadine Dorries. A forbidden love... A vengeful wife... Mary Kate Malone has come to Liverpool from Ireland to seek her fortune, but from the very beginning, things have gone horribly wrong. Now she longs to flee back to her family in Ireland. But Tarabeg isn't the place Mary Kate remembers anymore. A charismatic American has arrived with plans to change everything and Mary Kate hates him on sight. Worse still, the lies she has told about her Liverpool life are about to come back to haunt her. Don't miss the final book in the Tarabeg trilogy, concluding the story of extraordinary heroine Mary Kate. What readers are saying about the Tarabeg Series: 'A brilliant read, a wonderful story and I have already pre-orderd the next book' 'Great read! Nadine Dorries is a top author, love her books!' 'Did not want it to end!! Gripping, detailed... Really draws you in to the story'

ISBN: 9781786697592


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