Unleash the Dragon Within

Unleash the Dragon Within

By Steven Macramalla



Unleash Your Kung-Fu Animal introduces the six Animals of the Chien Lung style. Chien Lung is an 18th century Kung-Fu practice based on the animal archetypes of Black Panther, White Leopard, Boa, Cobra, Python, and Tiger. Each animal represents a martial style, personality type, brain region, system of the body, and aspect of consciousness. They each also have their favorite foods, music, books, movies, and hobbies. Psychology professor and Kung-Fu teacher Steven Macramella shows how to determine which animal the reader most resonates with. He explains the strengths and traits of each animal and how understanding and working with them can inform not just Kung-Fu practice but the practice of any martial art and of the reader's life. Approximately 60 black and white photographs of the author demonstrating basic exercises and bows with which to work with each animal arcehtype are included. Includes cutting-edge research in neuroscience on the mind-body relationship, with detailed descriptions of Animal exercises to improve physical, emotional, mental and sexual health -- topics sure to captivate and enlighten a wide spectrum of readers.

ISBN: 9781623173654


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