Twenty Poems To Bless Your Marriage P/B

Twenty Poems To Bless Your Marriage P/B

By Roger Housden



Marriage is sacred when we recognise that light in our beloved and know that this is our way home; that while they cannot walk our road for us, they can light our way, as we can theirs. As it evolves over time, marriage, like life, passes through seasons and stages, peaks and valleys. The book is organized by these stages of marriage, from the wedding day to the last days: The Joy, The Journey, The Work, The Love, The Union, and The Saving Grace. Each section begins with an essay that reflects on the stage, followed by four poems that illuminate the experiences of marriage in ways that we can appreciate and understand, but may find difficult to express. Poems reach us in ways that surpass other forms of expression, especially when the subject concerns matters of the heart. The prose and poetry here provide not only inspiration for the journey, but also support and wisdom through detailed explanations, interpretations, and commentary that help us understand ourselves and our place within a marriage. Citing well-known authors like Rumi, Shakespeare, and Hafiz, Housden takes poems and writes, in plain language, the lessons and knowledge that allow us to understand marriage on a deeper, more intimate level.

ISBN: 9781645472377


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