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Author: Ann Powers

Type: Paperback

ISBN: 9780008332976

Date: 20th June, 2024


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An Independent Best Non-Fiction Book for 2024 Celebrated music critic Ann Powers explores the life and career of the legendary Joni Mitchell What you are about to read is not a standard account of the life and work of Joni Mitchell. Instead, it's a tale of long journeying through a life that changed popular music: of a homesick wanderer forging ahead on routes of her invention, and of me on her trail, heading toward the ringing of her voice. One of the most celebrated artists of her generation, Joni Mitchell has inspired countless musicians and writers, while never stopping still herself. In Travelling, celebrated music critic Ann Powers seeks to understand the paradox of Mitchell - at once both elusive and inviting - through her myriad journeys. Drawing on extensive inter-views with Mitchell's peers and deep archival research, Powers takes readers to rural Canada, charts the course of Mitchell's musical evolution, follows the winding road of Mitchell's collaborations with other greats and explores the loves that fed her songwriting. Kaleidoscopic in scope and intimate in detail, Travelling is a fresh and fascinating addition to the Joni Mitchell corpus - and one that questions whether an artist can ever truly be known to their fans.

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