To The Letter

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To The Letter

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Author: Tomasz Rozycki


ISBN: 9781953861726

Date: 9th January, 2024


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Rozycki collects moments of illumination - a cat dashing out of a window and 'feral sun' streaking in, a body planting itself in the ground like rhubarb and flowering. He collects and collects, opens a crack, and clutches a shrapnel of epiphany. Tomasz Rozycki's To the Letter follows Lieutenant Anielewicz on the hunt for any clues that might lead 21st century human beings out of a sense of despair. With authoritarianism rising across Eastern Europe, the Lieutenant longs for a secret hero. At first, he suspects some hidden mechanism afoot: fruit tutors him in the ways of colour, he drifts out to sea to study the grammar of tides, or he gazes at the sun as it thrums away like a timepiece. In one poem, he admits 'this is the story of my confusion,' and in the next the Lieutenant is back on the trail. 'This lunacy needs a full investigation,' he jibes. He wants to get to the bottom of it all, but he's often bewitched by letters and the trickery of language. Diacritics on Polish words form

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