Theorising Architecture in Sub-Saharan Africa

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Theorising Architecture in Sub-Saharan Africa

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Author: Philipp Meuser


ISBN: 9783869220819

Date: 1st March, 2022


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Considering the immense diversity of sub-Saharan Africa's architecture and built realities, does it make sense to speak of an African architecture? How does this differ from archi-tecture in Africa? What does the term architecture actually mean in the African context? And how could these questions be conceptualised while leaving behind pre-existing theoretical moulds and biases? Searching for new ways to theorise sub-Saharan African architecture, this collection of 49 essays broadens and develops the discourse around the architecture of a very rapidly changing continent. Its authors - practising archi--tects and renowned scholars - put forward an array of heterogeneous perspectives, question old tropes and emerg--ing narratives, and challenge popular concepts whilst pro-pos-ing new ones. All with the aim of critically examining and advancing theoretical reflection on African archi-tec-tures, both on the continent and globally.

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