Theology and Tolkien

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Theology and Tolkien

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Author: Douglas Estes

Type: Hardback

ISBN: 9781978712669

Date: 22nd August, 2023


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The works of J.RR. Tolkien have not only redefined a genre of literature and had a far-reaching impact on culture in the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries, but his name has joined the ranks of authors such as Shakespeare, Milton, Dostoevsky, Donne, and Dickens-authors who make us think differently about the world, including the creator of the world and the meaning of life. In Theology and Tolkien: Practical Theology, an international group of scholars consider what Tolkien's works (and Jackson's interpretations) can teach us about living out our theology in the world. From essays on Tolkien's insights into community, what we can learn about our spiritual senses from encounters with the Nazgûl, the pastoral wisdom of Treebeard, and the theological value of food-including second breakfasts-we invite you to journey with us through Middle-earth as we engage the applicability of Tolkien's works for theology and our world.

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