The Writer's Journey

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The Writer's Journey

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Author: Christopher Vogler


ISBN: 9781615933150

Date: 14th September, 2020


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Originally an influential memo Vogler wrote for Walt Disney Animation executives regarding The Lion King, The Writer's Journey details a twelve-stage, myth-inspired method that has galvanized Hollywood's treatment of cinematic storytelling. A format that once seldom deviated beyond a traditional three-act blueprint, Vogler's comprehensive theory of story structure and character development has met with universal acclaim, and is detailed herein using examples from myths, fairy tales, and classic movies. This book has changed the face of screenwriting worldwide over the last 25 years, and continues to do so. Vogler's experience as an influencer of stories is vast, with a Hollywood development career spanning from Heaven's Gate to Darren Aronofsky's The Wrestler and including titles like The Lion King and Fight Club. Many screenwriters and novelists attribute their success to following his principles. Includes Vogler's latest thinking on where storytelling is headed and his most far-reaching theories on the spiritual dimensions of communicating with an audience. Vogler's language and concepts are well-known around the world, with The Writer's Journey published in over a dozen languages and nearly half a million copies in print. It is widely used as a textbook in high school and college creative-writing classes. Concepts in the book haven proven useful in other walks of life, particularly to non-writers. Teachers, mental-health workers, business leaders, wounded soldiers, and parents struggling with special-needs children have all reported great benefits to reading The Writer's Journey, treating it as a guide to both writing and life. A catalyst for multiple sales - many people report loaning copies or giving them as gifts, hoping to inspire others as they have been inspired

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