The Weather on the Moon

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The Weather on the Moon

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Author: Robin Thomas


ISBN: 9781909747975

Date: 21st October, 2022


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Turning Manet on his head, entering the thoughts of a post prandial lion, viewing and buying a 'snorting' Hot Rod, imagining life on a modern-day Titanic, wondering what happens to the story after a book is finished or what a sonnet written by a modern day Shakespeare might look like, The Weather on the Moon ranges across art, music, philosophy, literature and poetry, politics, history, science and the natural world to encounter what it's like to be alive. Bubbling away throughout this intense, sometimes humorous, sometimes quirky, always compassionate poetry is a joy in language, its possibilities, and music. As Graham Hardie writes, his work 'fuses many elements into one short space: pathos; wit; dexterous use of simile and metaphor; a heightened imagination; an ability to make poetry from the commonplace.'

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