The Unknown Battles That Lie Beyond the Grave

The Unknown Battles That Lie Beyond the Grave

By Sylvester Alex Bosch



The red-hot saucy chatter was that on the day Manku rescued Joanna from the sewer hole, she wasn't wearing any knickers. It was therefore alleged the four men got more than they bargained for during the rescue mission. Trump suddenly woke up as though from a slumber. He was no longer in the rough and choppy waters. He soon realised that his body was different and that he wasn't alone. As he stood there in awe and disbelief, suddenly, he was surrounded by seven individuals adorned in bodies similar to his. He responded that for his first mission, he was inclined to pick Combat Ghosts from one class only, from the class of the dead evil men and women. It was just the beginning. He was in for a rude shock!

ISBN: 9781398487062


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