The Signature

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The Signature

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Author: Irini Zoica


ISBN: 9798645715472

Date: 2nd June, 2020


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  2. Poetry


An inspirational and motivational journey, separated into four parts. We all have our dark and hard days when we feel hopeless. This book will take you on a journey starting from the struggles and dark days in the first chapter, to building yourself up and letting you know how magnificent you really are. The second chapter is all about love, love for our families, parents and soulmate. Love is a powerful emotion, but sometimes we are focused on other things, and we forget to tell the people we love how important they are. Being loved gives us strength, makes us want to better ourselves, to go after our dreams, to fight and never stop. Love makes us get out of the dark and reach for the sun. Poem after poem, the third chapter will make you love yourself, it will inspire you. We all want to feel appreciated, but we should value and appreciate ourselves first. This book cherishes all women, those who are mothers, sisters, friends. Those strong, powerful and independent women who go after their dreams. All those women who set big goals for themselves, fight and never give up until they reach their destiny. And then you will find yourself in the last chapter, which will make you feel free and will inspire you to go after what you want, it will give you hope. This book starts dark and then becomes so bright. This is the sign you have been waiting for. It will teach you to never compare yourself to others, to love your body and never worry about the expectations of the society. It will make you feel free from following the standards that society sets for us. These poems are written for you. It is all about loving yourself, and finding out who you really are. You will learn to love yourself just the way you are. This book will remind you that you are enough. It's a whole inspiring journey that teaches you to be who you want to be without being scared. This book will become your best friend. It's all about you.

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