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The Peregrine Falcons of York Minster

The Peregrine Falcons of York Minster

By Carole Bromley



Carole Bromley's fourth collection brings together poems about York and Yorkshire, the loss of friends and loved ones, travel, literature, art, and her own recent experience of brain surgery. Startling, witty, and with an eye for detail as sharp as a falcon's claws, this new publication by a poet who 'never forgets her reader' is set to delight, entertain and provoke all who climb its towers and pace its halls. "A new collection from Carole Bromley! Oh yes! We know it's going to be good; we know that we can trust this poet who never seems to forget her reader, or to remember to entertain. A collection of cool-eyed, warm-hearted poems, with a glorious confidence of proper nouns; Aertex shirts, twin-tubs, 'a framed photograph of Rhyl, a 'Santa Claus custard jug', Frosted Strawberry Squares... Here is a collection with its knickers off and on; and yet beautiful, sensitive, intelligent work, and I am in awe of her killer lines in and out of each poem."Deborah Alma "I love to read Carole Bromley's poems, for the clarity of the people and the places she shows us; for the observant comedy, the principled feminism and the doughty class politics; for the clean, spare language; for the wisdom; and for the way she coils these things together and makes them take flight. This late collection, with its meditations on family, illness and mourning, is an unsparing but magnificent achievement."Kate Clanchy

ISBN: 9781912436477


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