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The Most Important Animal of All

The Most Important Animal of All

By Penny Worms



The Most Important Animal of All is an award-winning picture book about seven super-animals - important keystone species - beautifully illustrated by Hannah Bailey and endorsed by The British Ecological Society. A class is learning all about animals and their teacher challenges them to decide which is the most important animal of all. Seven children champion a different animal for the top spot. Is it... BEES as master pollinators BATS as night-time predators and pollinators ELEPHANTS who shape their landscapes and spread seeds BEAVERS who create watery habitats  TIGERS who keep their food web in balance  SHARKS who keep our oceans healthy and increase biodiversity KRILL as food for many whales and sea creatures There is lots of information about each animals, as well as other keystone species, plus photographs to see them up close and in their habitats. This is a positive and gentle primer for young children from 5 years old about the issues of habitat loss, endangered species and climate change.   "Only if we understand, will we care. Only if we care, will we help. Only if we help, shall all be saved" - Dr Jane Goodall.

ISBN: 9781838138141


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