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The Maggie Greville Story

The Maggie Greville Story

By Pam Burbidge



Maggie Greville lived in obscurity, until her father William McEwan changed everything. He was a self-made man, controller, and philanthropist, who staged the rise of Maggie A to Maggie G. Power, money, and tutoring created the new modern emancipated woman, who bought her own house in her own name (Polesden Lacey), even though she had a husband. Thrown into a world of opulently dressed aristocrats, royalty and maharajahs, politics and charity combined with money, initiated success. The Long Walk at Polesden Lacey became a secret political venue, away from prying eyes and ears. With close connections to Edward VII, George V and Queen Mary, George VI and Queen Elizabeth, and International Royalty, Maggie acted as the new manipulator at court to gain international recognition. The far-reaching effect of the procurement of money, and power in its various aspects, was demonstrated so clearly by Maggie G - the lady who made a difference.

ISBN: 9781914471476


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