The Little Café At the End of the Pier

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The Little Café At the End of the Pier

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Author: Helen Rolfe


ISBN: 9781409181910

Date: 24th January, 2019

Publisher: ORION BOOKS

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  2. Nature in Art
  3. Contemporary Fiction
  4. Dishes And Courses


Searching for love? You'll find it at The Little Café at the End of the Pier... When Jo's beloved grandparents ask for her help in running their little café at the end of the pier in Salthaven-on-Sea she jumps at the chance. The café is a hub for many people: the single dad who brings his little boy in on a Saturday morning; the lady who sits alone and stares out to sea; the woman who pops in after her morning run. Jo soon realises that each of her customers is looking for love - and she knows just the way to find it for them. She goes about setting each of them up on blind dates - each date is held in the café, with a special menu she has designed for the occasion. But Jo has never found love herself. She always held her grandparents' marriage up as her ideal and she hasn't found anything close to that. But could it be that love is right under her nose...? ******* Readers love The Café at the End of the Pier : 'Brings a smile to your face and a tear to your eye' - Goodreads reviewer 'Heartwarming and made me smile... I can't wait to read more' - Goodreads reviewer 'Perfectly charming and totally yummy' - Amazon reviewer

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