The Legend of Circe

The Legend of Circe

By Leonard Kearon



Circe Goodwin is a normal teenage girl who lives in Sunsport, Hibernia. She is loved by her adopted father, goes to school, hangs out with her friends, and can fire energy blasts from her hands. Wait. That's not normal. Yeah, Circe doesn't think so either. Attending Sunsport Super School's basic hero training course to learn to control her new powers; Circe will learn a lot about herself, her past, and her powers, while making new friends and maybe more. However, Circe's dreams warn of ancient forces from Hibernia's past are planning a return. What do they want with Circe, and how does it link to a recent burglary at a museum? Get ready for a fun, exciting adventure, as Circe and her classmates are about to get a crash course in being a hero. But keep your eyes open, for secrets lurk everywhere, many of which will shape Circe's past, present, and future.

ISBN: 9781528971034


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