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The Legal Team of the Future

The Legal Team of the Future

By Adam Curphey



The legal profession needs more than law. Whether you are a student, a law school, a university, a law firm or an in-house legal team, The Legal Team of the Future is the definitive guide to understanding and building the holistic skills required of those working in legal services now and in the future. Highlighting the importance of multidisciplinary teams working collaboratively to solve legal problems, the book introduces a 'Law+' model for the profession, comprising sixteen skills across four quadrants: Law+People, Law+Business, Law+Change and Law+Technology. As well as outlining each of the skills, the book explains how to build those skills as an individual, a law firm, an in-house team, a university or a law school. Designed for both lawyers and business professionals working in law

ISBN: 9781913019648


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