The Language of Architecture

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The Language of Architecture

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Author: Charalambos Bouras

Type: Hardback

ISBN: 9789602043189

Date: 15th May, 2013


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Architecture in theory and practice conventionally deals with issues of space. Yet nowadays it covers a vast field of multiple approaches, based on loans from many other disciplines. Simultaneously, the new conditions resulting from globalization have broken the 'national' cultural barrier in Greece, a phenomenon clearly reflected in architectural terms and their usage. The particularity of the Modern Greek language-spoken and scholarly-with its great historical depth, ongoing interaction with other languages and cultures, and inventive assimilation of influences, is also made manifest in the terminology used by Greek architecture. The book's primary aim is to bring together in one volume the complete vocabulary of architecture in use today in Greece, so as to highlight its multi-layered complexity, through timeless and contemporary enrichments, but also with constant loans from other disciplines. For the first time in Greece, this publication attempts to map this incredibly rich landscape of the language of architecture.

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