The Incredible Life of Savitribai Phule

The Incredible Life of Savitribai Phule

By Swati Sengupta



When she was nine years old, Savitri was married to thirteen-year-old Jyotirao Phule. Savitri yearned to be able to go to school, to read books. Jyotiba wanted his wife to be educated as well, and so he taught her. Soon, she learnt not just to read and write, but also trained as a teacher. Together, Savitribai and Jyotirao Phule started schools where girls and boys, Dalit children, and those who had been shunned from schools till then could get educated. They fought against caste atrocities. They made sure that women learnt of their rights to exist with dignity.Savitribai Phule became one of India's first woman teachers and female reformers.

ISBN: 9789354474200


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