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The Hostage

The Hostage

By Melinda Di Lorenzo



'Thrilling! The Hostage is an intense, white-knuckle ride from start to finish' LAURA GRIFFIN 'An action-packed, don't-blink-or-you'll-miss-something kind of novel, which makes it impossible to put down once you've started reading' ? ? ? ? reader review 'This was my first book by Melinda Di Lorenzo and I definitely will be looking out for her books in future, it was outstanding' ? ? ? ? reader review ' A captivating, action packed thriller that didn't let up from the beginning to the end and kept me riveted long into the night' ? ? ? ? ? reader review 'Riveting read - could not put it down!' ? ? ? ? ? reader review 'I read a ton of romantic suspense but this book was fantastic! This story had so many twists and turns! I didn't figure out any of them. Definitely worth the time to read!' ? ? ? ? ? reader review 'High energy, exciting and edge of your seat suspense' ? ? ? ? ? reader review 'An amazing story that sucks you in on the first page' ? ? ? ? ? reader review He was the last person she expected to save her life . . . Air Force One meets The Fugitive with a thrillingly romantic spin in Melinda Di Lorenzo's gripping suspense novel. Perfect for fans of Nora Roberts, Melinda Leigh and Debra Webb. ................................. Surviving the plane crash was the easy part. After losing someone close to her, nurse Joelle Diedrich needs a change of scene. But stepping in as a last-minute medical escort on a prisoner transfer flight results in a bigger one than she bargained for. Waking in the wreckage of a crash, Joelle swiftly gathers that no one else on the plane was what they seemed. And if she wants to make it out of this alive, she must place her trust in the only survivor who's not trying to kill her: Beck, the convicted murderer who was being transported. Fleeing with Beck presents more than one danger - not only that of simple survival across treacherous terrain, but by making Joelle a target in a ruthless plot. As the threats multiply and Beck and Joelle grow closer, Joelle has to ask herself just how much she's willing to risk for a man she's just met, and figure out whether Beck will risk the same for her . . . ................................. Readers are gripped by The Hostage ! 'The anticipation is taut, the surprises are many, and the twists come to skew what one might think one has figured out. It is an exciting, romantic, suspenseful read with a very satisfying ending 'A captivating, action-packed thriller that didn't let up from the beginning to the end and kept me riveted long into the night . . . Highly recommend!' 'A good mystery romance with a twist I couldn't have predicted' 'All this book was missing was Nicolas Cage - it definitely gave me some serious Con Air vibes - but with way more romance . . . I highly recommend this as a action suspense romance' 'Fast-paced and entertaining' 'I enjoyed this book, particularly the relationship between Beck and Joelle and their amusing dialogue! It reminded me of a mix between Con Air and Romancing The Stone'

ISBN: 9781472286505


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