The Forest - Big Oak

The Forest - Big Oak

By Emmet J. Flanagan



As Ashton was cycling home from school one autumn day, he heard an almighty sigh coming from the forest, "Aaaahhhhh." and then a loud crying, sniffling and weeping noise. When he eventually got home after cycling as fast as he could, he asked his daddy, mammy and two big brothers what the noise could have been. They all had suggestions but Ashton knew that they were not the right answers. With the help of his best friend, Jack, they decided to investigate themselves. Walking through the forest in fear, the two boys stumble upon a very big oak tree crying out loud to himself. After they befriend the big oak tree, they invite their school friends, family and teacher Miss Brownson to join them in decorating the big oak tree for Christmas. Along the way, they make more friends including two crows and get a surprise that happens right beside the big oak tree. Ashton asked his granny for help as winter was coming. The days are getting colder with snow starting to fall. All of Granny's friends join her in the forest knitting woolly scarves and jumpers for the big oak trees. There are grannies knitting, laughing and singing everywhere. They are high up and low down with their legs wrapped around the branches holding onto the big oak trees. This is just the start of many more adventures to follow in the forest.

ISBN: 9781398407541


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