The First Decade

The First Decade

By Vivy Yusof



Not your typical business-autobiography-'I've made it in life' book I started a blog. I borrowed USD 16,000. And now, I've built a multimillion dollar fashion company, garnered 1.8 million followers on Instagram and managed to squeeze in time to get married and give birth to not one, but four children. Perfect for young entrepreneurs, this book shares the secrets of my entrepreneurial journey so far-from starting a business with my boyfriend (telling my dad sure was fun), to fundraising, to managing a team of 400 people, to dealing with the good and bad of social media, and to pretending to nod when my tech team talks about cookies. I share my proud wins for you to get inspired by, and my juicy failures for you to eat popcorn to. Always a work in progress, my story is unfinished. But for now, allow me to present to you, The First Decade.

ISBN: 9789815058802


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