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The Fear Talking

The Fear Talking

By Chris Westoby



This work tells the true story of Chris Westoby, who as a teenager has a life-long anxiety condition, but he doesn't know it - no one does as he's undiagnosed. He wants to be alone, all day, forever, and swallows every aspiration that he has to complete his education, be a good boyfriend and live a life without perpetual fear. Deeply ashamed of his own thoughts, he juggles lies to friends and family to keep his anxiety secret. He seeks out secluded places in his hometown of Barton to avoid the world and find a way to get better. He begins investigating the patterns of causes and effect in his anxieties, the meanings and effects of the places that he goes to, the objects that he touches, the music that he hears and the words that he speaks. A sense of control might just be in reach, but it comes at a price that he doesn't know he's paying.

ISBN: 9781909954441


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