The Dug-Up Gun Museum

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The Dug-Up Gun Museum

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Author: Matt Donovan


ISBN: 9781950774753

Date: 22nd December, 2022


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Traveling the nation, Matt Donovan examines the paradox of a country plagued by gun violence yet consumed with protecting the right to bear arms. Matt Donovan's The Dug-Up Gun Museum  confronts our country's obsession with guns to explore America's deep-seated political divisions and issues linked to violence, race, power, and privilege. Taking its title from an actual museum located in Wyoming, this collection of poems interrogates our country's history of gun violence, asking questions about our fetishization of weapons, how mass shootings and the killing of unarmed civilians by police have become normalized, and the multitudinous ways in which firearms are ingrained in our country's culture.  Much like the poet himself, Donovan's poems are dynamic and constantly in motion as he explores the ways in which capitalism and its relentless stream of content have led to a collective desensitization in the face of violence. In turns harrowing, elegiac, and ironic, set in locations ranging from Cody to Chicago, from Las Vegas to Sandy Hook, The Dug-Up Gun Museum  probes America's failures, bizarre infatuations, and innumerable tragedies linked to guns.

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