The Break-Up Clause

The Break-Up Clause

By Niamh Hargan



What if your work rival was the ex that you'd never actually broken up with? 'Sizzling' SOPHIE IRWIN 'Witty' BETH REEKLES 'Excellent' JANE CASEY 'Pitch-perfect' EMMA HUGHES How do you get rid of an ex . . . When you've never actually broken up? When arrogant new colleague Benjamin swans into Fia's small office at her New York law firm, it's no secret they dislike - no, hate - each other. But there is one secret no one knows. The last time Fia and Benjamin saw each other was one summer night nearly ten years ago, at a little chapel - in Vegas. Benjamin isn't just Fia's co-worker, he's also her long-lost husband. They made a promise - they even signed a pact - that they'd divorce after one year. But they never did. Now, if anyone discovers they're husband and wife, both their jobs are on the line. And as their marriage starts to finally heat up, it's a secret that's getting harder to keep . . . EVERYONE LOVES THE BREAK-UP CLAUSE 'I REALLY loved . . . so clever, so good, really excellent characters' JANE CASEY 'Electric right from the off.a witty, wonderful book with such a wholesome take on friendships and a sizzling romance' BETH REEKLES 'Hargan has a light touch and a winning sense of humour'THE TIMES 'Reminds me of Katherine Heiny . . . her crisp scene-setting wit, her pitch-perfect ear for dialogue and her wonderful, wry eye . . . make every page a pleasure to read' EMMA HUGHES 'An absolute first class rom-com: smart, funny and sizzling with chemistry' SOPHIE IRWIN 'Joyous, funny and very sweet, this is one to savour' STYLIST 'One of the very best romcom writers around. It is sublime . . . chemistry/sizzle/snark is off the charts' CRESSIDA MCLAUGHLIN

ISBN: 9780008518912


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