The Art of Creative Lettering

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The Art of Creative Lettering

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Author: Laura Toffaletti


ISBN: 9788854417632

Date: 20th June, 2021

Publisher: WHITE STAR

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Lettering is a new trend which, in just few months, has collected a wide number of fans around the globe. It is the art of creating wonderful and elegant handmade writings to personalise cards, placeholders, agendas or notes. This manual will guide enthusiasts in the discovery of the ideal techniques, tools and alphabets for creative lettering, and will teach them, step by step, to create their own creative lettering. After the first volume published by White Star, The Art of Hand Lettering, a new complete volume to develop a personal alphabet as well as mastering a range of fonts perfect for different occasions. Lot of pages to exercise and useful tips for the perfect tools.

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