By Angela France



Angela France's distinctive collection of poems, 'Terminarchy' eloquently considers the troubling terms of existence in an age of climate catastrophe & technological change. How do we negotiate a world where capitalism & greed threaten a fragile earth, where technology seems to promise us connection but might also fuel isolation? Where even finding solace in nature reminds us that the seasons can no longer be trusted? How is human urge & want hastening us towards our own 'endling' - & what might it mean to be the 'last'? In reframing ecopoetics in her own instinctive, radical, lyrical form, France juxtaposes the accelerated, all-consuming speed of contemporary & future times with the 'longtime' & ancient, & considers whether, rather than collison-course, there might be a better way to coexist. Where extinction threatens, these wry, alert poems & their eloquent, earthy voices try to find a way through.

ISBN: 9781913437176


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