Space Baby

Space Baby

By Suzannah Evans



Space Baby asks difficult questions about the Earth, its beings, and what lies ahead for them; how do we look to the future on a planet that's burning? How do we come to terms with our grief, and what can we believe in? If the human race destroys what we have, where will we go? In this dystopian, searching book, Evans mixes absurdity and wit with speculative, serious themes. Here, artificial intelligence and robots will 'cuddle you to sleep', the melting permafrost will reveal its surprises, and we encoutner the very first human baby born in space. Ultimately, Evans writes to acknowledge our responsibilities and interconnectedness with earth and all its lifeforms, as well as to our future generations. These are vivid, prescient poems of existence, and survival, which ask how we can still find joy on a ruined planet.

ISBN: 9781913437381


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