Soul of the Sword

Soul of the Sword

By Julie Kagawa



'My new favourite series' Ellen Oh, author of the Prophecy and Spirit Hunters series Return to Julie Kagawa's beautiful and perilous land of shapeshifters, samurai and demons as Japanese mythology and magic swirl together in the New York Times bestselling author's brand new adventure. THE TIME OF THE WISH APPROACHES. Yumeko the shapeshifter had one task: take her piece of the ancient and powerful scroll to the Steel Feather temple and prevent the summoning of the great Kami Dragon. But she has a new enemy now. The demon Hakaimono, has escaped and possessed the samurai she thought would protect her, Kage Tatsumi of the Shadow Clan. Hakaimono has done the unthinkable and joined forces with Genno, the Master of Demons, to break his curse and set himself free. But Genno wishes to overthrow the empire and cover the land in darkness. To do that he needs only one thing, the scroll Yumeko is hiding. As the paths of Yumeko and the possessed Tatsumi cross again the entire empire will be thrown into chaos. AND CHAOS WILL DARKEN AN EMPIRE.Readers love Julie Kagawa's Soul of the Sword! 'Julie's writing is pure magic' 'It's breathtaking!' 'This book was simply put epic!' 'left me on the edge of my seat' 'like watching an epic anime' 'I cannot wait for the next book' 'i love all the Japanese folklore and mythology intertwined within the plot' 'I couldn't resist this book' 'exciting and atmospheric' 'that ending!'

ISBN: 9781848457409


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