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Slayers. Volumes 7-9

Slayers. Volumes 7-9

By Hajime Kanzaka



I know everyone wants a piece of me, virtuoso sorcerer Lina Inverse, but the demons have really been on my case lately. It's like they're out to get me or something! In hopes of finding out why, we take a special trip to Dragons' Peak to consult with the legendary Claire Bible... Or, at least, that was the plan! But what starts out as a quest for cosmic insight turns into a fight for our lives when the dreaded Chaos Dragon Gaav shows up. And what starts out as a fight for our lives turns into a murder/kidnapping when... Hellmaster Fibrizo shows up?! Talk about escalation! Now, on top of saving the world, we've gotta go save Gourry. Great. Truth be told, I'm still not entirely sure how to explain how we get ourselves out of that one. It's a real doozy of a story that, uh, may or may not involve losing the Sword of Light. (Whoops?) So next, we're off to find my guy a new toy. Time for some classic lighthearted adventuring that won't lead to any demonic trouble at all! No siree!

ISBN: 9781718375123


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