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Sixty Somethings

Sixty Somethings

By Nicola Madge



The 'Swinging Sixties' are commonly depicted as hedonistic days, a point in history remembered for the generation of young people who shed the trappings of their parents and grandparents and, fuelled by sex, drugs, rock'n' roll, set out to put the world to rights. A time when individuality was heralded and convention widely challenged. A time without precedent. But what was it really like and what is this generation up to now? What did they expect from their lives, and were they so different from those of their parents and grandparents and, indeed, even their children? Had their youthful ideals and expectations been matched by reality? 'Sixty Somethings' looks back over the lives of 67 women in their sixties who lived through the Sixties to explore these questions.

ISBN: 9781861519849


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