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Seirei Gensouki 1

Seirei Gensouki 1

By Yuri Kitayama



Contains the complete Volumes 1-2! Rio has known nothing but solitude, hunger, and an overwhelming thirst for revenge. But from the humble beginnings of a poor orphan comes a rebirth that turns the Galarc Kingdom on its head. Rio's awakened magical abilities-and a chance encounter with royalty-earn him a ticket to the most prestigious academy in the land. Naturally, the orphan boy catches the judgmental eye of more than a few nobles, though he is ever under the watchful gaze of a beautiful and doting instructor. Through his trials and tribulations, Rio's prowess opens the door to an adventure spanning continents, international incidents, love triangles-even an assassination attempt by an adorable werefox girl. Can Rio find himself while protecting the ones he loves? The stakes have never been higher as worlds collide!

ISBN: 9781718328808


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