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Say it Again

Say it Again

By Kirsten Irving



"Very ready we are to say of a book, 'How good it is - that's exactly what I think!' But the right feeling is, 'What the hell did I just read?'" - John Ruskin Why a book of misquotations? Because what's captured in such a book is the jittery, jumbled essence of truth: that wisdom and edict alike are constantly customised, iterated, adjusted. Nothing stays the same. Say It Again gathers the sage words of philosophers, statesmen, artists and authors alongside proverbs, sayings and scripture - all distorted with varying degrees of deliberation. Some are stitched into poems (or something like poems) while others speak to the present in bizarre new ways. Whether or not they retain their former authority, or the power to lower the reader into the deep well of human experience, these refigured fragments are evidence that everything we know may be shaken, like the grains in a kaleidoscope.

ISBN: 9781909560291


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