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Rona Munro's Bold Girls

Rona Munro's Bold Girls

By Gillian Sargent



Rona Munro's 1991 play Bold Girls is a tale of four Belfast women during the Troubles, exploring personal and communal history, and what it means when aspects of a community - ideologies, relationships, and spaces, for example - are threatened. Despite being set in a very specific time and place, the themes are universal: how societies are warped by male violence, dominance, and social privilege, and female subservience to that behaviour. Bold Girls is a case-study of the victims - rather than the perpetrators - of conflict: an unsentimental portrait of women's lives under psychological siege. Gillian Sargent's Scotnote Study Guide provides a comprehensive overview to the characters and themes of Munro's play, as well as its artistic and cultural influences, and is an excellent guide for senior school pupils and teachers alike.

ISBN: 9781906841478


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