Research Methods For Leisure, Recreation and Tourism

Research Methods For Leisure, Recreation and Tourism

By Ercan Sirakaya-Turk



Praise for the previous edition: 'To write a good textbook is only possible with pedagogic sensitivity, significant educational experiences, and research practice. This book is evidence that the editors possess all three qualifications. A student-friendly publication introducing plenty of examples and case studies (and) encouraging students to acquire the skills needed... this book (is) a winner.' Annals of Tourism Research 39(3), 2012. Describing the fundamental elements of research methods for leisure, recreation and tourism, this new edition of a popular textbook is updated throughout. It covers the measurement of variables, sampling, questionnaire design and evaluation methods, and also a wider discussion of writing proposals, communicating research findings, cross-cultural research, and the use of new technologies in conducting research. This new edition includes: - new and expanded material on visual research methods, nonparametric tests and sampling to encompass growing areas of research interest; - pedagogical features and extra citations to create a cohesive learning experience for students; and - numerous examples from tourism and recreation literature in every chapter, tying theory into scenarios students could face in their careers. Written by internationally renowned researchers in an accessible style, this book introduces both undergraduate and graduate students to the vital skills they will need to succeed in the leisure, recreation, tourism and hospitality industries.

ISBN: 9781786390486


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