Private Sex Adventures

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Private Sex Adventures

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Author: Ben Walker

Type: Hardback

ISBN: 9783943105483

Date: 31st October, 2018


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We have been extremely fortunate, my husband and I, to have been able to document our sexual explorations together. The pictures you are going to see have not been taken for commercial purposes. They are private photos. Our relationship had normal beginnings, but Ive always been highly sexed and constantly seeking pleasure. I felt like something was missing, tells Lynn, I enjoyed sex so much that I asked my husband if he wanted to take beautiful photographs of ourselves having sex, instead of nude portraits. After that I realized that I had a very photogenic pretty pussy. Her husband always shared her bliss in these embraces and wild sex, and remained a faithful partner in the search for new sensations. Together th¬ey attended sex parties and went to places where random strangers come to have fun. They took pictures of themselves naked in the sunset. Love and sex between lovers is a beautiful thing.

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