Private Revolutions

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Private Revolutions

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Author: Yuan Yang

Type: Paperback

ISBN: 9781526655905

Date: 9th May, 2024


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'As powerfully intimate as it is politically incendiary' VOGUE 'Private Revolutions could be a Netflix series, for family, violence and romance abound' IRISH TIMES 'A portrait of China through four women who refused to accept the life laid out for them. Incredible' SUNDAY TIMES 'A revelatory, moving and tender tale of hopes, fears and change' PETER FRANKOPAN *A Sunday Times, Observer & BBC Highlight for 2024* This is a book about the coming of age of four women born in China in the 1980s and 1990s, in a society about to change beyond recognition. It is about Leiya, who wants to escape the fate of the women in her village. Still underage, she bluffs her way on to the factory floor. It is about June, who at fifteen sets what her family thinks is an impossible goal: to attend university rather than raise pigs. It is about Siyue, ranked second-to-bottom of her English class, who decides to prove her teachers wrong. And it is about Sam, who becomes convinced that the only way to change her country is to become an activist - even as the authorities slowly take her peers from the streets. With unprecedented access to the lives, hopes, homes, dreams and diaries of four ordinary women over a period of six years, Private Revolutions gives a voice to those whose stories go untold. At a time of rising state censorship and suppression, it unearths the identity of modern Chinese society - and, through the telling, something of our own.

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